Wholesale Colored Contacts

CamoEyes Wholesale Colored Contacts is here!

Have you ever wanted to sell Halloween Contact Lenses? Now you can, CamoEyes is located in The USA and can provide large quantity orders of cosmetic contact lenses. Non Prescription Wholesale Colored Contacts is a huge niche, take part in the industry with us and sign up below!

CamoEyes Color Contact Lenses is a retail and wholesale distributor and ship products world wide, as a wholesale buyer you should make sure you’re compliant with The FDA. CamoEyes cannot provide legal advice regarding this. Our products and the materials/facilities used to produce them are FDA Approved and you, as a seller of lenses may have certain legal obligations depending where you’re located.

Be advised that at the moment we are not using “CamoEyes Packaging” which displays the “CamoEyes Logo” so if you wanted to re-sell “CamoEyes Branded Products” that this is not possible until next year 2017. I’m super sad about this too…

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