Do you need Prescription Lenses?

Video Submission

We’ll feature your video on the home page of Linking directly to your video on your YouTube Channel.

The requirements are simple:

  1. Video must be about the lenses primarily. Modeling, or reviewing, etc.
  2. Video must start with lenses, being worn, or shown in lens cases
  3. Video preview image should clearly indicate the video is about contact lenses.
  4. Quality should be good realistically decent.

Most important, make sure to mention your YouTube Channel or use a watermark.
It could even be with just 1 pair of lenses. Just be creative 🙂

Ask yourself, what kind of video would WANT to put on their home page 🙂 You’ll most certainly be featured!

Submit your link below!

  • Paste a link to the video on your YouTube Channel:)

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