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Top 10 Dos & Don’ts (Colored Contacts)


  1. Wash your hands before handling your lenses
  2. Wash your lens case after each use
  3. Rinse your lenses after wearing and before putting back in the lens case
  4. Replace your lens case regularly
  5. Get regular checkups with your Doctor
  6. Take a lot of super weird pictures and #camoeyes or stunning pics if you’re getting the natural colors 😉
  7. Tell your friends about CamoEyes 🙂
  8. Share us on FB :-p
  9. Eat your veggies
  10. Forgive me for not thinking of more Do’s… 😀


  1. Don’t continue wearing your lenses after it’s expiration date
  2. Don’t share your colored contacts with someone else
  3. Don’t use water to store, clean or even rinse your lenses
  4. Don’t sleep with your lenses
  5. Don’t shower or swim with your lenses on
  6. D0n’t handle your lenses with dirty hands
  7. Don’t continue to wear your lenses if you’re feeling discomfort or pain
  8. Don’t wear inside-out
  9. Don’t wear too long (read instructions, contact your doctor)
  10. Don’t put lenses on top of each other, like wearing a lens on top of another lens

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