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Zombie Contact Lenses

Dead Eye Contact Lenses
for your Zombie Costume!

Your Halloween or Cosplay will not be the same. Zombie Contact Lenses will complete your costume better than anything! No matter the blood, no matter the makeup, your eyes are the most creepy thing you can change to look like a zombie.

White Mesh Zombie

Zombie Contacts

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Halloween Contacts Free Shipping

Camo Eyes ships free anywhere in the world with no minimum purchase requirements.

Halloween Contacts Fast Shipping

Camo Eyes orders arrive fast, we have 1 warehouse in The USA, and 1 warehouse in The UK. Shipping to these locations are blazing fast.

Halloween Contacts Canada

Canada orders ship from our USA Warehouse. We have free shipping, and express to Canada available on the checkout page.

Halloween Contacts Australia

Australian customers receive pretty fast shipping from our UK Warehouse. Express shipping is available on the checkout page too!

The most talented makeup artists around, choose Camo Eyes.