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Circle Lenses

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Showing all 12 results

Korean Circle Lenses, In The USA!

CamoEyes is a USA Company. We ship all of our Korean style circle lenses from The USA, to anywhere in the world.

It’s important when buying circle lenses online that you’re shopping with a reputable company. All contact lenses should be treated as a medical device, even if they don’t correct your vision. CamoEyes uses high quality lens material and manufacturing processes solely for the purpose of your safety and comfort.

Prescription Circle Lenses 

CamoEyes has prescription circle lenses coming very soon to our website. Check back regularly. Until then, our lenses do not correct vision. You can wear them under your prescription glasses however, and still appear clearly with their beautiful design.

What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Lenses are Contact Lenses that make your eyes look bigger. This is done by the design printed on to the lens. Created in a that essentially creates an illusion through art that makes your iris appear larger than it actually is.

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