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Sharingan Contacts

Sharingan Contacts lets you transform in to your favorite Naruto character! No other accessory can change the way you look like a new set of EYES! Our Sharginan Lenses are Non-Prescription and do not correct vision. Each pair of CamoEyes comes with 2 Lenses, 1 for each eye, we offer free shipping on ALL orders and do not require a prescription, our lenses are cosmetic only.

Adding more Sharingan styles, soon!

Sharingan Naruto Contacts

Sharingan Contact Lenses are the perfect addition for any hard core cosplayer! Completely transform your eyes to you favorite sharingan character for your next cosplay convention or just to look amazing 🙂 CamoEyes sells FDA Approved Sharingan Contacts including Mangekyo, Madara, Kakashi, Sasuke & we’ll be adding more soon!

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