Displaying the Enchanted Pink Contacts is @akhanartistry form Instagram, she’s a Unicorn, a Camo Eyes Babe, Bae, all of the above! These new colored contacts from CamoEyes.com are on the raise to be a top seller, and for damn good reason, just look at them! They’re actually pink & violet, so depending on what you’re wearing will determine how they show up, wear pink, they’ll appear pinker, wear violet they’ll appear violeter, violeter isn’t a word but I like it 🙂 Whether you’re in to special effects makeup, looking to change things up with a pair of Halloween Eye Contacts or have a specific costume in mind these Enchanted Pink Contacts are truly one of a kind, poppin’ and sexy as hell and you absolutely will be mobbed by compliments!

All CamoEyes Colored Contacts ship free, world wide and are FDA Approved. Sold in pairs and ship FROM The USA. Deciding on what to get? Start Browsing!

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