PinkyParadise is no longer shipping to The USA!

PinkyParadise no longer ships to The USA because they are not compliant with The FDA. PinkyParadise is not located inside of The USA but they’re still required to be FDA compliant if they want to do business with, and ship to U.S Customers.Β So The FDA has recently taken measures to force their hand and stop shipments to The USA completely. This is most likely the same issue with shipping to Korea.

Where Else Can I Get Colored Contacts?
If you didn’t notice, you’re currently on a Colored Contact Lens website πŸ™‚ is FDA Compliant and our products are all FDA Approved. We ship world wide. We don’t carry a lot of lenses like PinkyParadise has, but we’re working on increasing our inventory (get notified below) as you read this article, we’re also working on being completely Made in The USA!

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7 Responses

  1. That really sucks! Your site says you ship from USA is that true??? HOLY F*#& I can’t find any colored lens shops from the USA!!

    1. That’s right we ship from The USA πŸ™‚ 3-5 day average wait, and that’s with the free shipping method :-p

      1. I’ve been wearing circle lenses for years and I never received a package under 2 weeks, I’m based in Florida…

        As soon as you guys get prescription lenses I’m going to just buy your entire company.. jk but I’ll be buying all my lenses from here. I do Cosplay and I’m a professional working makeup artist, 3-5 days free shipping is going to be very helpful…. Buying circle lenses is always the most difficult thing to do because I know I’ll have to wait weeks to get them!

        1. Thanks Laney! Believe me I’m well aware the time it takes colored contacts to arrive to The USA, sadly we use to take 2 weeks too until we moved to The USA. Nearly all colored contact lens companies are outside of The USA, we’re in Florida too!!! So you personally wont wait 3-5, more like 1-3(average) also we have Express 1-2 day shipping :-p just sayin’. I’m looking forward to have my customers wearing my lenses, and being able to see with their custom prescription, thanks a ton for the comment!<3

    1. Absolutely. We ship everywhere that allows mail πŸ™‚ We’re in Florida too, so shipping to Mexico is pretty fast usually.

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