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White Mesh Colored Contacts Product PhotoWhite Mesh Contact Lenses

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  • Power:Non-Prescription
  • Lens Type:Soft
  • Base Curve:8.6
  • Diameter:14.5
Made with medical-grade material*

2 Lenses

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1 Year Life Span

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FDA Approved

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You are about to look so amazing!

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Lens Case / Solution

Product Specifications:

  • Water Content:38%
  • Material:Polymacon
  • Power:0.0 (does not effect vision)
  • BC:8.6
  • DIA:14.5

Product Description

Camo Eyes Colored Contact Lenses will transform your Halloween Costume, or your every day look. Natural Colors & Halloween Styles available!

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October 23, 2021
I’m a SpecialFX makeup artist and CamoEyes is my go to, to complete my looks. Very professional, quick response time, easy to use.
Thank you CamoEyes! 🖤
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White Mesh photo review
August 15, 2021
Do not recommend wearing them past the 6 hour limit, as it will cause eye strain. But otherwise, amazing! They will cause distorted vision, but hey! It’s mesh, duhhh! Amazing effects for a bad ass costume!
Helpful? 2 1
August 15, 2021
I bought these contacts along with all white ones for my Halloween costume! Definitely adds the finishing touches for any costume. 10/10 recommend
Helpful? 2 0
Luis Zuleta
April 12, 2021
Great Product
They look amazing, super comfortable
Helpful? 1 0
Debra Schrils
April 11, 2021
Super Creepy with fast delivery
I purchased the white mesh contacts for my scare actor costume at a local theme park. You can see out of them but be prepared because you feel like you are looking through a thick cloud. I could not look at my phone or read with them. But it was worth it!! They look super creepy and got lots of comments. They were comfortable and held up through weeks of taking them in and out.
Helpful? 0 0
April 10, 2021
Great look
These contacts fit so well and are very comfortable from the minute I put them in until I took them out hours later. Vision is slightly reduced so don't try to do anything you need to see clearly in order to safely do, like driving. My look was to have that blank white stare and these delivered. I am definitely coming back to camo eyes for future needs.
Helpful? 1 0
December 5, 2018
These were my first ever contact lenses. I had no trouble with them, they fit nicely and comfortably, and they look really creepy! One downside is that with these white mesh lenses, my vision was a little blurry but that's to be expected with the style of these.

5 stars, absolutely awesome lenses!
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November 19, 2018
Great contacts! I have a little trouble getting them to stick to my eye, but that could very well just be me and not the contacts???? Anyway, it's not a huge problem and they look dope once they're in! Great price and they add just the right amount of creep-factor for any look!
Helpful? 1 1
November 12, 2018
Quick shipping. Painless ordering, lenses were just as advertised great looking and very confortable to wear. definitely a great buy.
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White Mesh photo review
November 10, 2018
Adds that final touch to complete any look!
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White Mesh photo review
Katie Ites
November 5, 2018
These looked great and were comfortable to wear!
Helpful? 1 1
Nucole Converse
November 5, 2018
These contacts were just as advertised. They were great and just what I had hoped for. They were delivered quickly and in great packaging. I'll for sure order again!
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Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Will this pair affect my ability to see?
Answer: YES, this pair will slightly blur your vision but you can still see through them. (We advise you to not drive or operate, ya know like a tractor or crane, because crane operators really live our products😂and we don't want you to drop a wrecking ball on anyone.)

Question: Is Camo Eyes Safe?
Answer: YES, our lenses are manufactured by a 15 year+ manufacturer who pass random inspections at their manufacturing facility in The United Kingdom.

Question: I have perfection vision, can I still wear Camo Eyes?
Answer: YES, our lenses do NOT correct vision, they are purely cosmetic.

Question: How many lenses will I receive?
Answer: 2, all products sold in a pair. Add "1" pair to you cart, receive 2 lenses total.

Question: Will I receive a lens case with my order?
Answer: Lens cases are not included but you can buy one here

Question: Will I receive solution to store my contacts?
Answer: Solution is not included but you can buy a bottle here

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