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    Lunar Eclipse Contacts

    • Worn by Chana Li Almeida
    • Luna Eclipse Halloween Contact Lenses
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    Product Description

    Like a real Lunar Eclipse you could stand out and look amazing with these awesome Lunar Eclipse Contact Lenses. A burst of white circled in a black ring and your eyes will intensely pop at everyone who looks in your eyes.


    Product Details
    • Popular Designs :


    • Life Span :

      90 Days (Once Opened)

    • Power :


    • Size :

      Base Curve 8.6, Diameter 14.2

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      Are You The One?

      CamoEyes will be adding 1 Free Pair of Contacts to every 5th customer order. All you need to do is place a regular order for any pair(s) of CamoEyes and your package just might have a surprise.

      -Not everyone will win
      -Ends August 7th

      -Good Luck!