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83001 glow in the dark uv green contact lenses
  • Power:Non-Prescription
  • Lens Type:Soft
  • Base Curve:8.6
  • Diameter:14.5
Made with medical-grade material*

Product Specifications:

  • Water Content:38%
  • Material:Polymacon
  • Power:0.0 (does not effect vision)
  • BC:8.6
  • DIA:14.5

Product Description

Camo Eyes Colored Contact Lenses will transform your Halloween Costume, or your every day look. Natural Colors & Halloween Styles available!

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UV Glow Green photo review
Amber T
April 10, 2021
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...
I loved these green glow lenses! They worked perfect for my Beetlejuice costume!
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UV Glow Green photo review
Will aka Nacho
April 8, 2021
Giving you Maleficent Realness
I was on a search for some green contacts that spoke to me that were almost not human. Found these because it would complete my Halloween costume as a male version of Maleficent. Well these came in at the perfect arrival cause it was last minute and I have order other places and it is so inconsistent, but camoeyes.communicated through text and I received contacts less than 2 days basically and I was complete!!!
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October 9, 2018
I can’t wear contact lenses for a long period of time because they irritate my eyes. But this pair didn’t irritate my eyes at all. And were very comfortable. The glow is amazing as well. I’d def buy these in other colors. The look cool with that eerie green color in natural light
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October 1, 2016
These things kick so much ass my eyes glowed at this rave everyone was trippin out on me i got so many compliments!!
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Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Will this pair affect my ability to see?
Answer: No, this pair does not block your vision.

Question: Is Camo Eyes Safe?
Answer: YES, our lenses are manufactured by a 15 year+ manufacturer who pass random inspections at their manufacturing facility in The United Kingdom.

Question: I have perfection vision, can I still wear Camo Eyes?
Answer: YES, our lenses do NOT correct vision, they are purely cosmetic.

Question: How many lenses will I receive?
Answer: 2, all products sold in a pair. Add "1" pair to you cart, receive 2 lenses total.

Question: Will I receive a lens case with my order?
Answer: Lens cases are not included but you can buy one here

Question: Will I receive solution to store my contacts?
Answer: Solution is not included but you can buy a bottle here

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