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Natural Colored Contacts

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Natural Colored Contacts For Dark Brown Eyes

Pigment matters! If you’re looking to change your eye color with contact lenses, but have dark brown eyes… You’ll want to be aware that not all Natural Styles will stick out a lot. Don’t get me wrong, all of our natural styles stick out pretty well, but if you’re really looking for that extra pop of color then you’ll want to go with our 3 Tone Colored Contact.

Our 3 tone lenses contain, you guessed it… 3 different tones of their color. For example, the Blue 3 Tone Contacts has 3 tones, or shades of blue. This assures the biggest bang for your blue 🙂 The variation of blue tones means you’ve got 3 different blues fighting to contrast your dark eyes, this wide range means that however dark your eyes are, these lenses are going to be the best natural styles if you want them to really stick out.

Natural Colored Contacts Before & After

These are our 3 Tone Colored Contacts before & after courtesy of professional makeup artist @veronicascuderi on Instagram


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