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Brand Ambassadors!

Welcome, let’s have some fun 🙂

We’re offering you:

  1. 100% best price possible
    at all times. (you will never pay less anywhere else)
  2. Free Products.
    1. Upon approval of your Brand Ambassador account
    2. Throughout the year
    3. Between August & October
    4. Not everyone will qualify for free products, outside of September/October
  3. Priority Features on our Instagram @CamoEyes + always tagged.

Brand Ambassadors with a larger engagement on social media may be offered different deals upon review of your application.

What are the requirements?

Brand Ambassadors are Makeup Artists, Cosplayers, Pro & Aspiring! Models & Other types of creative people are considered as well. 

Your social media must represent Art/Creativity.


  1. Add @CamoEyes in your bio section on Instagram
  2. Include a link to Camo Eyes website in your YouTube Video Descriptions, when wearing Camo Eyes Lenses
  3. Mention Camo Eyes verbally in YouTube Videos when wearing Camo Eyes Lenses
    If you’re mentioning other products to your viewers, we only ask to be mentioned as well.
    We don’t expect 100% of your vids, like if you’re posting certain types of videos and also wearing Camo Eyes, it may not be appropriate to mention Camo Eyes, and that’s perfectly fine.
  4. Tag @CamoEyes in Picture & Caption, on your Instagram Posts, when wearing Camo Eyes Lenses

Need help?
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USA Customers (925)230-2003
UK Customers 016-2580-0342

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