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Free Express Shipping
To The USA

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Inspect Your Contacts BEFORE you open them.

CamoEyes Contact Lenses are some of the highest quality fashion/cosmetic contacts made, it’s very rare that a pair of our lenses will be defective. All of our Products are handled like medical contact lenses, in a safe, clean and precision environment.

CamoEyes is only able to accept returns/refunds on unopened packages. Other arrangements can be made upon discussion with customer service.

Shipping costs are non refundable on returned items other than items that arrive damaged which are sealed in their vials.

Even when we have Free Shipping, it still costs us to ship your contacts. We cannot refund this money if you chose to return your contacts, before you open them.

If you wish to return your contacts in the allowed time frame we will let you know how much the shipping cost was for your order and refund the remainder.

We are also unable to refund or pay for shipping back to our facility unless the contacts are Damaged and Un-opened.

The most talented makeup artists around, choose Camo Eyes.