Vampire Contacts

CamoEyes Vampire Contacts will transform your costume from great to holy-OMG!. No other accessory can change the way you look like a new set of EYES! Our Vampire Lenses are Non-Prescription and do not correct vision. Each pair of CamoEyes comes with 2 Lenses, 1 for each eye, we offer free shipping on ALL orders and do not require a prescription, our lenses are cosmetic only.

Vampire Contacts For Halloween

It’s that time of year, you know that most, wonderful time… of the year. Halloween! You’ve decided to buy Halloween Contacts for your vampire costume, maybe Bella from Twilight or your favorite from Vampire Diaries and bit tired of the same ol’ quick fix vampire fans costume or lack thereof… With CamoEyes, your vamping will never be the same! The lenses above are best suited for an epic vampire look, from $22.99 – $27.99 a pair and free shipping, I think we know how Halloween 2016 is gonna go… Bloody!

CamoEyes can help, with CamoEyes Vampire Contact Lenses listed above you will be utterly vampy, blood sucking, incredibly absurd and the absolute best vampire at any party you tend this year, nothing screams louder than than CamoEyes Colored Contacts!

Vampire Contacts For Brown Eyes

Have some gorgeous brown eyes and not sure if our vampire contacts will work for you? Let me smush that theory with a rock, cause all our vampire lenses stick out incredibly well on anyone’s eyes. They’re all solid in color, they don’t let your brown pigment sneak through clear spots like our Natural Colored Contacts may, these are for the wicked, and even the wicked have dark brown eyes 🙂

Vampire Contacts Non-Prescription

Don’t need vision correction? Well that’s great to know, cause our lenses do not correct vision. So if you have perfect vision, you can wear our lenses without issues!

You've GOT to watch Dolldrea transform!

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