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Crazy Contacts

Crazy Contacts will transform your Halloween costume or Cosplay from great to holyOMG! No other accessory can change the way you look like a new set of Crazy Halloween Contacts! Our Lenses are Non-Prescription and do not correct vision. Each pair of CamoEyes comes with 2 Lenses, 1 for each eye, we offer free shipping on ALL orders.

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Crazy Contacts For Halloween

CamoEyes Crazy Contacts are worn all year long for many people, but Halloween is our special time of year. Our wild contacts will turn any costume in to something spectacularly amazing. Change your eye color with Camo Eyes Crazy Colored Contacts! All Crazy Contacts are sold in pairs and do not correct vision at all. We ship from The USA at no cost to you!

Non-Prescription Crazy Colored Contacts

CamoEyes Crazy Contacts do not correct vision at all. They’re only intended for entertainment and crazy people 🙂 However you must treat our eye contacts as you would any other contact lenses. Your optician is the best source of lens safety tailored to you and your eyes. In 2017 CamoEyes will provide prescription-strength crazy contacts for those who need to see!

Crazy Blue Contacts

Blue Eyes are often seen as beautiful, but what if you wanted to be beautiful, and crazy? CamoEyes Crazy Blue Contacts do just that, stunningly gorgeous and beyond eye catching. With dozens of crazy blue contacts available your Halloween will simply not be the same without them.

Crazy White Contacts

White Contacts are like no other crazy contacts available, from blind contacts to to a deathly Vampire White you will not go unseen, the sheer attention our customers receive with our white pairs blows our minds when reading reviews and emails. Put on a pair of of White CamoEyes Colored Contacts are immediately transform your appearance! 

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