Black Halloween Contacts

Black Contacts For Halloween

Above are all CamoEyes Black Contact Lenses. Featuring of course the All Black Contacts, but also many other pairs featuring a reasonable amount of black coloring in case you want to change things up. These lenses are pretty trippy from Black & White Spiral Contacts to Black Cross Contacts. Your Halloween Costume wont be the same without them!

Black Contacts Non-Prescription

These Black Halloween Eye Contacts do not correct vision at all. The center of them are clear, so you can see through them perfectly. They do not come in custom prescription-strength and are Plano 0.0. Always speak to your optician before wearing any colored contact lenses.

Cheap Black Contact Lenses

CamoEyes Black Contact Lenses are some of the most affordable colored contacts available. Some websites mark the price crazy low, and then charge you $10+ for shipping, just so you can wait 2-4 weeks for them to arrive. CamoEyes is located in The USA and ship through USPS (3-5 Day Average) completely free on all orders! Your convention, or Halloween Party wont wait, neither should you. Express shipping options are available during checkout.

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Got a question? Send a text!


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