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Halloween Contact Lenses

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Halloween Contacts With Fast Shipping

We ship USPS First Class (3-5 Day Within The USA) to anywhere in the world the mail goes. Express Shipping available (Within The USA & Canada!.) Too many lens providers are in The UK & Asia and often take as long as 4 weeks to arrive to The USA. In early 2016 CamoEyes swam across the ocean to where our customers live, The USA so we can get your lenses to you fast!

Cheap Halloween Contacts

CamoEyes Halloween Contact Lenses are one of the most affordable Halloween Eye Contacts suppliers in the world, even better is we’re not tricking you with a huge shipping cost on the last step of checkout, and we don’t require a minimum purchase value to receive free shipping, it’s just free… like completely, no matter what…to anywhere in the world the mail goes!

Non-Prescription Halloween Contacts

CamoEyes Halloween Contact Lenses do not correct vision whatsoever. They are completely clear and intended for cosmetic use, we don’t currently provide lenses with power, but this is in the works!

Popular Halloween Contacts:

Zombie Contact Lenses

Zombie Contacts are quite special, they’re usually some of the most subtle looking, but the absolutely boldest styles we carry.

all-white-contacts-150x150Most notably is our White Contacts, solid white with a clear center for your pupil makes a very creepy, dead zombie look. These are a class pair of lenses that make a great last minute enhancement. Going to be a princess? Zombie Princess… Going to be a Priest? Zombie Priest, a cat, Zombie Cat.. They just flat out rock


White Mesh Colored Contacts Product PhotoWant to cover your pupil? Try our White Mesh Contacts, otherwise known as Blind Contacts and covers your iris and pupil, but still lets you see using little tiny clear spots on the design, we at CamoEyes believes this is typically better than a solid white pair that covers the pupil because it has a blending effect and it’s much more realistic!


Grey Zombie Eye Contacts Product PhotoLast but not least, Grey Zombie Contacts a less popular but oh so far from less beastly. This is a newer additional to our zombie contact lens collection and offers a dimmer, faded zombie look for the slower paced, you might say more dead zombie look. 

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