Inspect Your Contacts BEFORE you open the vials.

CamoEyes (CamoEyes, LLC) Contact Lenses are some of the highest quality fashion/cosmetic contacts made, it’s very rare that a pair of our lenses will be defective.  All of our Products are smartly packaged and all our packaging exceeds international safety requirements. All Contact Lenses are packaged in Sterile Glass Vials or Blister Packs, 1 lens per Vial (only sold in pairs of two)

CamoEyes is forced to have a very limited warranty policy due to the fact the All Contact Lenses are fragile. If their not handled with care you will rip them.
Because of this we cannot provide refunds for contacts unless they are damaged, and UN Opened. We cannot refund items that don’t arrive by a certain date as we cannot be responsible for arrival time delays due to the several factors outside of our control

What to do
When you get your package, you should inspect the lenses as best as you can through the CLEAR glass Vial and take a moment to make sure nothing is damaged. If you notice any damage such as a rip you should Contact Us right away and do not open the Vial.

Shipping costs are non refundable on returned items other than items that arrive damaged which are sealed in their vials.

Even when we have Free Shipping, it still costs us to ship your contacts. We cannot refund this money if you chose to return your contacts, Before you open them.

If you wish to return your contacts in the allowed time frame we will let you know how much the shipping cost was for your order and refund the remainder.

We are also unable to refund or pay for shipping back to our facility unless the contacts are Damaged and Un-opened.

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  1. For someone that has never worn contacts b4 is it weird for first tymers. Just want alil info b4 i purchase a pair.

    1. For first time wearers it could feel strange but it’s not something to be to worried about. It may just feel awkward. But make sure to read the instructions because there’s a big difference between feeling awkward, and pain.

      1. Does one size fit all? Because I’m a youth and I didn’t see a place to size the contacts.

        1. Yes they are one size fits all, but you’ll want an Exam for specific concerns to make sure you’re eyes are ok for contact lenses and without any issues.

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