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Are Colored Contacts Illegal?

No, however some companies are operating illegally and using unsafe material for their products. If the colored contacts are not made with an approved material, the product itself is not FDA Approved and you’re putting yourself at risk wearing them.

What other factors determine the legality of Halloween / (Colored Contacts)?

It’s quite simple actually. In the United States the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that any type of “contact lens” are classified as a medical device, so just like certain pharmaceutical drugs, you’re going to need to get approval from your doctor to wear colored contacts, in the form of “a prescription”

But what if I have perfect vision?

Getting a prescription does not mean you need to have poor eyesight, just like I mentioned above “a prescription” only means written approval from a licensed optician, it does not mean the lenses will try and help you see better, in fact unless you specifically buy lenses which do that, the lenses are completely transparent and you won’t notice a thing!

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