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If you have naturally dark brown eyes then some colored contact lenses don’t show up very well. Let us help you understand a few things and find the right pair for you!

First, what style of colored contacts are you looking for? Crazy Halloween Contacts, or Natural Colored Contacts? Because there’s a big difference. For example Halloween Contacts are extremely visible even on dark brown eyes. But the natural styles are a bit different. Natural Colored Contacts allow some of your natural color to show up too, this is necessary to prevent your eyes from being obviously fake, we don’t want that!

Natural Colored Contacts for dark eyes

Assuming you’re looking for natural colored contacts, and that you have dark brown eyes… We suggest our 3-tone colored contacts, these stick out the best for dark brown eyes.

Halloween Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes

All of our Halloween & Crazy Contacts stick out extremely well even on dark brown eyes.


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