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Crazy Red Contact Lenses are perfect for your Halloween Costume and many different types of Cosplays. From solid red for that pure demonic look to red twilight contact lenses, CamoEyes has over a dozen pairs of red contact lenses to chose from, browse below!

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Red Colored Contacts

Red Halloween Contacts instantly transforms you from human, to not so human 🙂 Red Costume Contacts alone can make your outfit, use them as an accessory to your Halloween attire and you’ll be unstoppably demonic!


Blood Red Contacts

Blood Splat Halloween Contact LensesBlood Shot Halloween Contact LensesLooking for something absolutely striking and bloody? Try either of these Blood Splat, or Blood Shot Contacts for a truly bold and freaky Halloween Costume, or Christmas, whatever floats your boat 😉


Twilight Red Contacts

Twilight Contacts whether you’re a fan of the movies or not, are really some of the most realistic pairs of Vampire Contact Lenses. They’re not overly bold, but if you think that means they wont stick out you’d be dead wrong. They combine a deep red, and yellow coloring in their design but it blends in to black for a smoother transitioning look, hence looking more realistic rather than a massive contrast as with some of our bolder crazy contacts.

Red Contacts Prescription

Currently CamoEyes Red Contact Lenses do not come in a custom strength to correct your vision. We’re working on having your RX Strength Red Prescription Contact Lenses in 2017, until then you may just need to be a vampire for Halloween who also wears glasses ;(

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