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Blue Contacts

Natural Blue Contacts &  Blue Halloween Contacts for your costume/cosplay, CamoEyes has over 10 different styles of blue beauties to chose from! Browse below and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @CamoEyes when you’re lookin all blue-eyed! :-p

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Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Dying to cover up your natural brown beauties? First let me point out that if you’re looking for “Crazy Blue Contacts” that they all cover dark brown eyes extremely well. But if you’re looking for Natural Blue Contacts there’s absolutely something you should! Some stick out better than others, let’s find them! Check out all of our Halloween Contacts!

Natural Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

In order for Blue Contacts to stick out on top of dark brown eyes, there needs to be enough contrast from Blue to Brown, but every pair of eyes will vary and we can’t quite quite make custom blues for everyone, so what we did is made Blue 3 Tone Contacts that use 3 different shades of blue, making at least 1 shade sure to stick out on on dark eyes.

People love our 3 tone contact lenses, they’re bold, they’re beautiful and although occasionally someone wont like them, just bein’ real… We rarely hear anything other than how surprised they were that they’d stick out “on my dark brown eyes

So depending on just how bold you want to go, the 3 Tone Contacts are the boldest and your safest bet on sticking out on your dark eyes.

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