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Colored Contacts


  • Epic are we? If you’re looking for dramatic change, the list below will serve you well. From gnarly zombies, vampires & demons CamoEyes specializes in the uber creepy Halloween and Cosplay Contact Lenses!

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Colored Contacts For Halloween

CamoEyes specializes in Halloween Contact Lenses. From Zombie Contacts, Vampire Contacts and many more, you can trust that we’ll make your costume stick out above even the most elaborate costume! Nothing is as scary as a pair of Demon Eye Contacts! CamoEyes is the #1 Special Effects Contact Lens provider in The USA, supplying professionals all over the country including professional film makers and makeup artists in Los Angeles. You can see for yourself @CamoEyes on Instagram!

Cheap Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts can be expensive, many suppliers ranging from $35 per pair and often much higher than this. CamoEyes wants to put an end to that. Halloween is a big operation for many people and and a good costume usually costing upwards of $100, at CamoEyes you can get colored contacts from $27.99 per pair, or less. Whats better is, as you may have read above is that shipping is also completely free, no matter how many pairs you buy! Want to browse our cheapest colored contacts? Click Here!

Fast & Free Shipping

CamoEyes ships all orders through USPS First Class (3-5 day within The USA) With express options available to The USA & Canada. Be careful if you decide to order from another website, most lens suppliers are located in The UK or Asia and regularly take 2-4 weeks to arrive to The USA. CamoEyes is located in The USA and takes shipping as a #1 Priority due to customers events and strict deadlines.


CamoEyes Contacts do not correct vision at all. Our lenses are intended for cosmetic use. Even if you have perfect vision you can still wear our lenses as long as your doctor says it’s okay. If you need colored contacts in your prescription straight, we will be offering this in 2017. Until then they’re not available.

For Dark Eyes

CamoEyes has over 200 styles, most of them are very solid with their colors and work perfectly on dark brown eyes. But if you’re looking for a natural colored pair for your dark eyes, we have 3 Tone Colored Contacts  that we’ve found work best on dark eyes, these lenses use 3 different tones of their color for a wide range and bolder appearance. For example if you have dark eyes and want to change your eye color to blue, the Blue 3 Tone Contacts will have 3 different tones, or shades of blue to cover a wider spectrum of color, and more likely to stuck out.

However it really depends what you’re trying to achieve with your look, we’ve had many people with dark eyes absolutely love the way their 2 ToneColored Contacts stuck out on them as well



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