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Should You Buy Cheap Colored Contacts?

If you’re looking to buy Cheap Colored Contacts for Halloween, or even Natural Colored Contacts there’s a couple things you should know.

  1. If the pair you like is $15.00 or even $25.00, most websites will charge you $10.00+ for shipping, so that $15.00 pair is now $25.00 and that $25.00 pair is now $35.00.
  2. If you’re getting lenses for under $20 + free shipping, you’re most likely getting poor quality lenses, or best case scenario they are good quality but will take 2-3 weeks+ to arrive in the mail.
  3. Don’t buy from websites like Wish, nothing against Wish but Camo Eyes has experience with sellers of colored contacts on Wish and we 100% advise you to stay aware from those lenses even though they are so cheap, you will be at serious risk for the lowest quality lenses and sever risk to your eyes.

So, what about expensive colored contacts, are they definitely safe? umm, it’s not that simple. Long ago colored contacts were crazy expensive, but as they become more popular the price as fallen… To this day I’ve had people ask me in social gatherings something like “oh how much are they like $200? First I cry cause that’s so expensive lol… then I realize that a lot of people think they’re really expensive because many years ago, they were… Some companies are still trying to get away with this, but sadly they’re selling the same, possibly low-quality lenses that cheaper shops sell… that’s right, some companies selling for $35+ for the same exact lenses on Camo Eyes…

Where can I buy cheap colored contacts?

If you want to buy affordable colored contacts and not risk your health, check CamoEyes.com for over 200+ different styles, from Crazy Halloween Contacts to beautiful Natural Colored Contacts

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