If you use any kind of water on your lenses, you could be in big trouble… Water might be safe for consumption but its not treated to a level that’s safe for your precious peepers.

Water of any kind, tap, bottles, purified or distilled should never be used to clean, rinse or store your lenses. Doing so could lead to infection and an infection could lead to blindness.

Ouch! Another thing, water on your lenses will irritate your eyes since they don’t match the buffer of your tears.

Get it off! Using water or anything besides contact lens solution could make your contacts change shape & stick to your eyes! Causing serious discomfort and the process of getting them off safely may require a doctor.

So, don’t use water my friend. Drink it, but don’t use on your contacts!

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  1. thank you so much, I did not know this, I love this site, such information like this should be every contact lens site.

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