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Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

Halloween Contacts are just as safe as normal contacts when you follow proper contact lens safety measures and are buying from a reputable company.

Quick Facts:

  1. Nothing can be more beneficial than visiting a licensed optometrist for a 1 on 1 consultation and eye exam.
  2. Many news websites try and scare people away from Halloween Contact Lenses, they do this because purely to get your attention, and then show you advertisements which they are paid for…

The truth is, all contact lenses including lenses prescribed by your doctor pose a risk to your eyes. The FDA even tells you this (contact lens risk). There’s no difference when it comes to Halloween Contacts. What you need to do is read, or watch videos on properly handling & storing your contact lenses.

What about lenses that are not the exact fit for your eyes?

If lenses are not fitted for your eyes,  you may need to adjust wear-time. For example if your doctor prescribes you RX lenses you might be able to wear them for 8, 16 or more hours before you start feeling discomfort in your eyes (in which case you should remove them upon feeling discomfort). With unfit lenses, you could possibly start feeling discomfort sooner, or you could possibly wear them all day without feeling discomfort.

Discomfort wearing Halloween Contacts?

If you wear Halloween Contact Lenses long enough, you will eventually feel discomfort. This is the same for regular prescription contact lenses too… Sooner or later, you’re going to need to take them out. If you ever feel discomfort or pain, you should remove your contact lenses. If you don’t remove them you will increase your risk of harm.

If you are ever experiencing pain, discomfort or other problems wearing contact lenses and need help or advice, your best bet is talking to your own optometrist. We cannot consult you because we are not doctors, and although we are experienced, we are not YOUR doctor and cannot account for

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