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    We are located in Florida, USA and the Free Shipping method to most places in The USA takes an average of 3-5 business days after we ship it, which normally takes about 1 business day or less.

    Shipping outside of The USA to major populated cities takes about 7-10 business days, but times may vary and we’re unable to give you a quoted time frame.

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    Things to consider:

    1. Doesn’t need to be a pro shot
    2. Consider using your Forward Facing camera on your phone or a decent camera. The clarity of the photo is one of the biggest factors.
    3. Try and shoot from the chest up, we love featuring our customers & makeup artists but we’re a little bias towards pics that feature our lenses really well 😉
    4. You don’t need to cater completely on the eyes, but the more visible they are, the more likely we’ll feature it.

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Colored Contacts Info

CamoEyes Colored Contacts For Halloween

CamoEyes Colored Contacts is primarily known for our very scary, costume contact lenses. With over 200 designs, and more coming soon, you’ll be able to enhance your costume significantly! Our Halloween Contact Lenses are FDA Approved, and ship from The USA.

Affordable Halloween Contacts

CamoEyes is a US Based Colored Contact Lens retailer that provides the cheapest priced Halloween contacts than any other company. When you factor in our low price tags, as well as our free worldwide shipping, we’ve got other websites beat!

Costume Contacts, Fast Shipping!

Look, we all do it. We wait until the last minute to buy things for a party, run around and struggle to find what you need to put together your costume. Thankfully, CamoEyes Costume Contacts ships all products via USPS, our free method takes on average 3-5 business days, now that may not be extremely fast, but we also offer USPS Priority Mail 1-3 Day shipping, and 1-2 Day Express 🙂 So for you last minute procrastinators. don’t worry, we got you!

Are CamoEyes Safe?

All colored eye contacts on our website have been approved by the FDA and meet or exceed the quality standards of “regular” contact lenses provided directly from a licensed optician. That means the material used is a material that’s accepted by the FDA as safe and is often used in many types of contact lenses, including ours. However the safety of your eyes extend beyond our product, you also must adopt safe contact lens use, storage and educate your self in these areas to prevent discomfort or harm. For example, and this may seem obvious but if you don’t disinfect your lenses you could become highly susceptible to an eye infection, this is very serious and 1 reason you should always consult with a licensed optician before wearing any lenses, and refer to the instructions that come with every pair if CamoEyes.

Is CamoEyes Legit?

CamoEyes has been in business since late 2012, you can find countless creative professionals using our lenses on Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere which we hope gives you confidence in our company. We use 3rd party payment processors to handle payments to our website which insures the absolute safest transactions between us. Our website security practices are also on point, we utilize services from both CloudFlare & Sucuri, and WPEngine which means we have 3 great companies behind the security of our customers and their personal information. CamoEyes does not store customer payment/banking information on our website whatsoever.

When’s The Last Time You Had An Eye Exam?

Before you decide to buy colored contacts you may need an eye exam, even for our non-corrective colors contact lenses.

CamoEyes Colored Contacts: Decorative contact lenses need to be treated like prescription contacts, in the sense that they are too a medical device. Before you buy Camo Eyes, speak to an eye-care professional. Just like corrective lenses, colored contacts should only be worn under the prescription and consultation of licensed ophthalmologist.

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