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White Contacts worn by @artbybmazz from Instagram.
Red Contacts worn by @parkerpaints from Instagram.

CamoEyes Colored Contacts:
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  • Absolutely loved these contacts! I bought them for myself and 2 friends for work in Halloween. We were zombies and it looked perfect with the costume.
  • Got them in plenty of time for Halloween and as a matter of fact, the White outs were the finishing touch on my costume, which won me $300 in a costume contest Halloween Night…!!!! Thank you!
    Thad, S
  • OMG i loves them! They were so comfortable and just completed my outfit.
    Customer, Volturi Contacts
  • Loved them! They made my zombie look for Halloween! They were comfortable and shipping was fast. Definitely ordering from Camo Eyes next year! Highly recommend!
  • “All” the people in the mall were shocked , amazed and could only stare. Needless to say , I won best costume at the party with relatively little work.

From Our Customers!

  • White Contacts worn by @artbybmazz from Instagram.
    Red Contacts worn by @parkerpaints from Instagram.
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    1. Doesn’t need to be a pro shot
    2. Consider using your Forward Facing camera on your phone or a decent camera. The clarity of the photo is one of the biggest factors.
    3. Try and shoot from the chest up, we love featuring our customers & makeup artists but we’re a little bias towards pics that feature our lenses really well 😉
    4. You don’t need to cater completely on the eyes, but the more visible they are, the more likely we’ll feature it.

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