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Halloween has passed 🙁 or has it? 🙂
Shop Halloween Contacts!

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Halloween has passed 🙁 or has it? 🙂
Shop Halloween Contacts!

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  • Want to be featured on our Instagram? @CamoEyes

    Take a picture wearing CamoEyes Lenses, and #camocustomer
    We browse this hashtag looking for decent quality pictures, or better… Getting featured is not guaranteed.

    Things to consider:

    1. Doesn’t need to be a pro shot
    2. Consider using your Forward Facing camera on your phone or a decent camera. The clarity of the photo is one of the biggest factors.
    3. Try and shoot from the chest up, we love featuring our customers & makeup artists but we’re a little bias towards pics that feature our lenses really well 😉
    4. You don’t need to cater completely on the eyes, but the more visible they are, the more likely we’ll feature it.

    Are you a makeup artist doing pretty good on social media?
    We’d love to work with you! Contact Us

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